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Dealing With Rain Gutter Clogs


Gutter clogs can pose a danger to a homeowner if not dealt with in time. A damaged roof flooded exterior of the house and an insect-infested home. If you notice that your gutter is not working as it should, then you should find out why and take the necessary steps to keep it functioning through the wet season.

Clean out gutters before the rainy season
Sticks and leaves that fall off trees are the main cause of clogging. Similarly, animals that build nests in the gutters are also other culprits. Before the beginning of the next rainy season, run a maintenance check on the gutters and clean out any potential blockage.

Install gutter toppers
Gutter toppers are meant to prevent leaves and sticks from getting into the gutter as well as prevent birds and other animals from building their nests on the gutter. This will ensure that throughout the year the headache of blocked gutters is a thing of the past. Just ensure you choose the right type of gutter toppers for your needs.

Cut and trim trees or bushes around your roof
Know blockage to gutters is mostly attributed to trees. The leaves and sticks that fall into the gutter holes leaving a blockage behind so it is advisable to cut down any tree around the roof and gutters to prevent clogging once the rains start pounding.

Start at the top
In the case of a blockage, start from the top-down. Since a gutter is made from interlocking parts, you can detach these parts one by one so as to make sure you find the culprit without missing any part. There are meshes installed near the downspout that may be the cause of the clog. Always check the downspout since that is where most clogs originate.